The Law Offices of Nathan Benjamin

Providing a wide range of legal services in Santa Cruz County and the surrounding communities.

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Practice areas:

Real Property, Intellectual Property, Small Business, Trust, Estate, Elder Law, Litigation and Transactions

The Law Office of Benjamin | Leibrock

Providing legal expertise and a deep knowledge of – and connection to – the Santa Cruz community. A law practice including litigation, arbitration, transactions and appellate law.

Specializing in developing longstanding client relationships and broad experience in many areas of civil law. Meeting client’s evolving needs, supporting them with sound, ethical legal strategy.

“I practice law as a means of helping my clients realize their goals and dreams within an evolving regulatory and legal environment. I’m committed to meeting the unique needs of each of my clients, providing sensible counsel and comprehensive legal strategy, as needed.” – Nathan Benjamin

Practice Areas

  • Real Property
  • Intellectual Property
  • Small Business
  • Trust, Estate, Elder Law
    Litigation and Transactions


  • Strategic legal counsel
  • Drafting, negotiating and memorializing transactions and agreements
  • Trial and appellate litigation and strategy
  • Strategy, communication and execution meeting the specific needs of each client


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Santa Cruz, California 95062
California State Bar #197859